Hello and welcome to the SOLO Challenge.

We, at Solo Petroleum, believe our Fuel is of a more superior quality than most of the cheap supermarket fuel, and will actually give you more miles per gallon, smoother running engines and better overall running performance of your motor vehicle. This is why we have set up the Solo Challenge.

We would like you try for yourself and see if what we think is true. We invite you to go to any of the other cheaper service stations, try a fill their fuel, and measure the results of how many miles per gallon, how smooth you think the engine runs and your overall impression you have on how your vehicle is performing.

Keep a note of these factors and then try your next fill from any of our Solo Service Stations across Northern Ireland (you can find a map of them here). Again compare your previous results with what you get by using Solo Petroleum fuels. After this we would like you to share your feedback here with this survey, and we hope you will find that most people will agree with that our fuel will come out ahead of the cheaper supermarket fuels.

As a token of your participation we will be entering everyone who takes the challenge into a Prize Draw, with the chance to WIN £100 worth of fuel.

Good Luck with the Challenge, we look forward to your results. Thank you!

Terms and conditions apply to enter competition.

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